Why You Should Care About Your Mobile Website

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29 Apr Why You Should Care About Your Mobile Website

There was a point in the business world when having a website was considered a commodity. Today, you NEED to have a website.

We are on the verge of another transition with the world of mobile and tablet interfaces. Having a site that conforms to mobile, tablet and desktop is becoming less of a commodity and more of a requirement. Companies need to start taking responsibility for their website as their salesperson and begin to monetarily invest in more than “a website”, but investing in the user experience.

58% of all US consumers already own a smartphone.
Source: comScore

Over 1.2 billion people access the web from their mobile devices.
Source: Trinity Digital Marketing

Global mobile traffic now accounts for 15% of all Internet traffic.
Source: Internet Trends 2013

No one screen size has more than 20% of the market share.
Source: Mobify Research & Development

61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience.
Source: Latitude

60% of mobile shoppers use their smartphones while in a store, and another 50% while on their way to a store.
Source: Deloitte Digital

90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal, whether that’s on smartphones, PCs, tablets or TV.
Source: Google

Almost half a billion tablets will ship in 2013 and 2014 alone.
Source: Gartner

Tablet users spend 50% more than PC users.
Source: Adobe

25.85% of all emails are opened on mobile phones, and 10.16% are opened on tablets.
Source: Knotice

Mobile-based searches make up one quarter of all searches.
Source: The Search Agency

95% of smartphone users have searched for local info.
Source: Google

Every 100ms increase in load time decreases sales by 1%.
Source: Amazon

Still not convinced?! Call today and talk to a Project Manager about how a responsive website can help increase your sales.

Sources: “13 Stats to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Mobile in 2013” from Mobify.com, “Responsive Web Design: Hype or Hope” from VentureBeat.com.

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