The 5 Email Addresses Every Business Needs

5 Email addresses you need

10 Jul The 5 Email Addresses Every Business Needs

When it comes to the world of contacting people digitally, there’s a certain professionalism we expect.

For example, if I were emailing a state of the art, digital technology firm at their email address, I might have some concerns. Below are the 5 email addresses every business should have available to keep their users and employees organized, and poised for future growth.


The info@ email address has become accepted as the most common way to receive general info. Companies have tried to push customerService@, condensing that to cs@, but nothing has quite the appeal of a simple, easy to type info@ email address.

your name@

Nobody likes receiving an email back from a generalized info@ email box. They want to know they’re connecting with an actual person and not just some weird organization that can only afford 1 email box.


Whether you like it or not, businesses today need a social media presence. Unfortunately, this presence is going to come with updates from these social networks about who to follow, what’s going on, or what new thing they’ve added. These can be time wasters and exceptionally distracting rather than feeding them into the info@ or your_name@ account—these make more sense to be tracked separately.


At some point, people using your product, or service, are going to need support. These people are current customers, so we want to treat them like they matter. For this reason, having a support@ email address lets them, and you, know exactly why they’re writing in.

The other benefit to establishing a support@ email address early enough is to be able to facilitate future requests through a service like JiraDoneDone, and Zendesk. Or, transfer support items to another employee as your business grows without the need to notify every client about the change.


In one form or another, you’re going to need to accept online payments. Whether you’ve linked your business up to a Chase QuickPay account, or you’re using Paypal to send and/or receive payments. Filing these matters into your own email account will only clutter the important pieces you’re already trying to work through. Instead, dedicate time to go through your billing@ account and use it to register for things like SquareBasecamp, or any other service you’ll need to accommodate for within your bank account.

If there are any other email addresses you feel may be crucial to a new business setup, please post them in the comments. We’d love to know if we missed anything!

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